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haha im the only person who posts in this community - University of British Columbia Dissidents

About haha im the only person who posts in this community

Previous Entry haha im the only person who posts in this community Oct. 4th, 2006 @ 08:32 pm Next Entry
i fucking hate my eastern european literature class because it is SO FULL of frat-tards and sor-whores.

1. it took the prof 15 minutes to get 4 volunteers for these presentations. waste of time.
2. this cunt next to me was browsing hockey websites and playing flash games during the entire film and actually pounding the table and sighing when he lost at his games.
3. his friend was nudging him at every hint of boobies or rape scenes during the film and they would make beavis and butthead noises over their manifestation.
4. someone at the end of class exclaimed "FUCK I DIDNT KNOW THIS WOULD BE ABOUT HARD STUFF LIKE COMMUNISM"
5. everyone treats me like i respect high school hierarchy. the jock guys who sat next to me giggled for 10 minutes before saying hi to me in an overly fake/friendly voice and then giggled at the fact i answered them and the fact they talked to a nerd or something.
6. this surfer-looking motherfucker who has nothing to say talks during every film and presentation to whatever vagina is seated closest to him.
7. he is not the only person who has full conversations during films or lectures

I FUCKING HATE UBC and undergrad and why oh why am i here (oh yeah. money). at least the people slacking off in german lit do it silently.

the people in this class are making me miss the emo poser kids of english lit (why they are in english lit when kundera is so much more emo than english lit crap like 'literature of the apartheid' is beyond me). at least they did the readings and their obsession with identity politics and pop culture references nobody outside north america gives a fuck about gave them some grounds to contribute to class discussion.
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Date:October 6th, 2006 02:27 am (UTC)
I know I personally don't post because there's too much bullshit that goes on at UBC every day for me to even bother.

You just described half my classes. :)
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