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University of British Columbia Dissidents

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well since shelovesjurgen was complaining about being the only one... Oct. 4th, 2006 @ 09:02 pm
I fucking hate my medieval literature class!

And not because of the ridiculous high-school politics taking place in the back row, though those do annoy me to no end.

I can' t believe this prof is allowed to teach. I'm pretty sure she HATES medieval literature, so why the fuck did they give her that class? Maybe it's because she speaks french and german so they figured she must be into medieval lit or something.

It's like the 18th century english prof who was given a kidlit class because we don't have enough kidlit profs and he has a child, so he MUST be qualified! WTF.

This woman teaches as if she was brought up in the ninteenth century. She's telling us stuff like "medieval writers never wrote to make a statment; they only care about form". I guess that entire course I took on medieval rhetoric was just a bunch of lies then, I should believe that essay you brought in from 19fucking70. Excuse me for being a little skeptical about what a new-bibliographic formalist has to say about medieval poetry.

Haha this rant is pretty medievalist-specific, but there you go. For making courses based on theories that have been outdated and disproved for thirty years, I hate UBC.

haha im the only person who posts in this community Oct. 4th, 2006 @ 08:32 pm
i fucking hate my eastern european literature class because it is SO FULL of frat-tards and sor-whores.

1. it took the prof 15 minutes to get 4 volunteers for these presentations. waste of time.
2. this cunt next to me was browsing hockey websites and playing flash games during the entire film and actually pounding the table and sighing when he lost at his games.
3. his friend was nudging him at every hint of boobies or rape scenes during the film and they would make beavis and butthead noises over their manifestation.
4. someone at the end of class exclaimed "FUCK I DIDNT KNOW THIS WOULD BE ABOUT HARD STUFF LIKE COMMUNISM"
5. everyone treats me like i respect high school hierarchy. the jock guys who sat next to me giggled for 10 minutes before saying hi to me in an overly fake/friendly voice and then giggled at the fact i answered them and the fact they talked to a nerd or something.
6. this surfer-looking motherfucker who has nothing to say talks during every film and presentation to whatever vagina is seated closest to him.
7. he is not the only person who has full conversations during films or lectures

I FUCKING HATE UBC and undergrad and why oh why am i here (oh yeah. money). at least the people slacking off in german lit do it silently.

the people in this class are making me miss the emo poser kids of english lit (why they are in english lit when kundera is so much more emo than english lit crap like 'literature of the apartheid' is beyond me). at least they did the readings and their obsession with identity politics and pop culture references nobody outside north america gives a fuck about gave them some grounds to contribute to class discussion.

ubc history - the joke of jokes Sep. 12th, 2006 @ 10:30 am
edit: i like the prof a lot. he is making the lectures interesting. its actually his quality lecturing that provoked me to write all these complaints since this is the third time ive tried to take this particular history course (and actually have persevered past the drop date). it reminded me the shit parade that was the other two attempts.

why is it that the history honours people have mandatory methodology/philosophy of history courses while the regular history courses are basically a tardshow parade of peoples opinions of hitler/pol pot based on one or two articles? why doesnt ubc care that these poople are not going to find out for themselves that all historians have political agendas. indoctrinate these tards, inject them with some intellectual modesty, and do it now. as it stands, sans awareness of methodology, you have tards indoctrinated by the fifteen articles or so they read every course.

this course is a damn joke. a 15-minute presentation of one puny article with 5 page write-up, 7-9 page term paper (wtf) and conventional midterm/finals. its a 4th year course. the prof just brought up functionalism and everyone is flipping the fuck out.

poli sci is full of assholes but at least the theory profs in the department semi-try to force people to a) write frequently so you can actually get some feedback and b) consciously present the political baggage that these authors/conepts are carrying. there is a lot of room to suck at the great cock-altar of the canon and there is a lot of room to criticize it as well.

so far, it seems like history students think that the study of history is memorizing sequences of events whose veracity is assured by pictoral evidence on an overhead projector.

fuck history, fuck poli sci, why the fuck am i still at ubc.

Dec. 11th, 2005 @ 05:18 pm
Hey UBC Students:

Have strong feelings about some of the major problems at UBC? Feel the need to express them artistically (through painting, photography, sculpture, poetry tc)? Want to have that work displayed?

Check out Tuum Est, a student- organized gallery showing that is looking for submissions for its show in March 2006. Submit works (photos of) or ideas to tuumest@gmail.com

Sep. 18th, 2005 @ 05:38 pm
Monday, September 19, is international TALK LIKE A PIRATE day.

'Aye Mates, go grab your eye-patches, peg legs, and pirate dictionary. Its time to groove like a bunch of vitamin-starved, rum drunkards. Yaaar.
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» hi, some questions
i survived first year without pestering everyone on fucking livejournal with questions about what the rez room looked like, why my deposit/scholarship didnt go through, etc.

yes, i want a fucking prize for it.
» (No Subject)

UBC alumna here. BA 1999, MA 2001. Far too many years spent there. Working on my Ph.D. at Duke, but teaching at UVic in the meantime. People ask me if I'd like to work at UBC so I can move back to Vancouver.

I tell them I'd rather slit my own throat. And I mean it.

» I would register for my classes, but I have an appointment to have my eyes gouged out.
UBC blows. I would run it into the ground, but apparently construction is already underway.

At least at Zellers I can get my money back.
» You gotta love ubc students!
» Way to go UBC students

Good afternoon,

My name is Paul Sutton, and I am the AMS Safety Coordinator. I also served as the Safety Coordinator for Arts County Fair. Because of very severe safety issues that were witnessed by ACF and AMS Staff present at the event, I am outlining services available for you to access.

1. If you would like to provide a report of injury/violence/sexual assault/etc. that occurred at the Fair, or afterward, please email me. I will be compiling these reports into my Arts County Fair Transition Report, which will be forwarded to the AUS, Campus Security, the RCMP, the Vice-President Students' Office, and possibly to the mainstream press. I will maintain your anonymity if you so choose. My email address is safetypaul@ams.ubc.ca

2. If you are a victim of violence (especially sexual assault) that happened at Arts County Fair or afterward, I am currently the point-person for counselling services in the face of the 21-day closure of the Sexaul Assault Support Centre. I am able to refer you to a counsellor for support. If you need to talk, feel free to email me: safetypaul@ams.ubc.ca

Remember: violence is never the fault of the survivor, and you are not alone. There are plenty of resources available to help you. If you know a person who needs this information and is not a member of this livejournal community, please forward it.

Best regards,
Paul Sutton
AMS Safety Coordinator

[Paul Sutton is not ed_muffinpants and ed_muffinpants is not Paul Sutton]
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